About Club Finder UK

Club Finder UK is a directory of the UK’s sports clubs, gyms and fitness facilities. It is currently under reconstruction so please bear with us in the coming weeks.

We believe that finding a club is paramount for health and longevity as well as great for community integration. Making it easier to get involved is our top priority.

We’re compiling a list of clubs by sport and region so whether you’re a fanatic or looking for something to do in your local area, we’ll be able to help. If you’d like to submit your club, use the link in the footer to contact us.

The state of sport in the UK

Historically, the UK has punched well above its weight on the global stage including huge successes at the Olympic Games as well as world and European championships in virtually every sport.

Whilst funding plays a central role in this success, accessibility and awareness of sports and clubs to be involved with are key. Reducing barriers to sports participation is the answer to cultivating a world-class sporting nation as well as one freer from disease and avoidable health conditions.

Finding a club near you

Finding a sports club near you, whether it’s for you, your children or a friend is generally straight-forward. However, many sports clubs are less than ‘internet savvy’ and struggle signpost themselves effectively. These are typically in underfunded and/or niche sports, exactly the kinds that need new members.

Currently, a Google of sports clubs in the area is your best bet, however, the results will tend to be a mishmash of many different organisations, making it challenging to know where to start. Building an extensive, independent directory of sports clubs, especially for niche sports or specialist gyms is a step towards improving online visibility.

Our ethos and plan

We believe that by helping to remove a possible barrier to participation, we can help shape the future of British sport and health. Success relies upon the following key actions:

Club commitments:

  • Provide a welcoming environment for new members
  • Make their facility and membership accessible to all
  • Maintain the highest standard of safety and protection to vulnerable members.

Community commitments:

  • Help promote clubs and organisations supporting the cause
  • Enable the integration of schools, clubs and local government

Social and online

The internet and social media have become powerful tools for individuals and sports clubs. For many, the internet has become a source of information about nutrition, sports best practice and helps connect like-minded people or helps them find clubs.

We believe that sports clubs, in the main, need to be active when it comes to social media. We recommend getting social media training if you’re not confident on the major platforms. Not only should platforms like Facebook and Twitter be sources of information for the community and existing members, but they should also help clubs find new members. In the end, the success of clubs and all their stakeholders rely on them being run and marketed effectively. Subs, sponsorship, and other revenue are generally the pillars of operations.

So much of society now operates online. We have seen many excellent sports clubs with long histories and traditions fall by the wayside because they did not adapt to the digital world. Get online, get digital and get social.


Moving forward

It is only through a cohesive effort between the parties we’ve discussed that we stand a chance of elevating sports participation and performance without the need for additional funding or restructuring. Changes to the system cost time and resources so the focus must be to what is already in place and what is within our power to change.